The Importance of Real Estate Absorption Rate

If you are either a buyer or seller of real estate in Oklahoma City Oklahoma the importance of absorption rate can’t be overstated. What is absorption rate you ask? Simply, it is the amount of time it takes to sell homes still on the market that a certain type of real estate in a defined […]

This sites Oklahoma City home search is in real time so you don’t miss out The Oklahoma City real estate market is vibrant and when homes for sale come on the market at the right price they may sell the same day of the public listing. On my website above, I am connected to the Oklahoma City MLS, The Multiple Listing Service, and it is updated every 15 minutes. […]

Why Oklahoma City real estate inventory will get larger soon The Oklahoma City homes for sale in march is at an extremely low number. It seems every month this year has shown an average of a 7% decrease in available Oklahoma City properties, but Spring is coming that is the listing for sale season, and with rates rising the refinancing phase is mostly over. […]

Oklahoma City real estate market conditions March 2014 Oklahoma City is experiencing historic numbers in homes sold, inventory levels are down another 7% and it is a full blown sellers market. This doesn’t mean we can’t find you the good buy, it just means that whether this is a home too live in or an investment property, you need to move quickly […]

Oklahoma City real estate short term versus long term investing I have worked with investors on Oklahoma City real estate for sale for both long term gains and short term gains and the two are very different. Short term is commonly known as “fix and flip” and long term is for cash flow usually for at least 5 years. Both can make sense but […]

Oklahoma City real estate positive cash flow versus appreciation For the last ten years when i talk to out of state investors about buying Oklahoma City homes for sale they always ask me about what is the appreciation. What I tell them is that plenty of investors lost all their money in 2008 because they bought on appreciation and not positive cash flow. […]

It’s not to late to invest in Oklahoma City real estate The real estate bubble bursting in 2007 started an investment frenzy in bubble markets but Oklahoma City real estate was not the choice because simply we had no meltdown. Now that excess distressed inventory has been absorbed mostly by investors the question is where do we go now. The answer for both individual and […]

My real estate passion is Oklahoma City investment properties I am in my 25th year as an Oklahoma City REALTOR® and I have covered all types of real estate transactions. If you are in a major metropolitan area you do have the ability to specialize if you choose although in my Oklahoma City real estate market that is rare. Most REALTORS® want to […]

The Difference between a good real estate buy and a good investment When I get a real estate investor sending me listings of Oklahoma City homes for sale on a web portal they want me to tell them if they should buy them. My consistent answer is, let’s check to see if it is a good investment. They may have found a good buy in a […]

Why use an investing specialist for your Oklahoma City personal home purchase As an Oklahoma City real estate investment specialist i do more than just sell homes for cash flow, I love working with buyers who want to own a home to live in. As a REALTOR® working with you I don’t decide on what floor plan suits you best but I do know that an […]